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Thank you for visiting my website. I want to help you discover the difference I make to my clients, and here are just a few of the things that set me apart from my competition. I offer competitive prices, great customer service and cater to all of my clients individual needs. At Caking Around Bake Shop, I offer high quality products and services and I am very artistic and creative with every cake design. I also take great pride in the value that I can offer, and the careful attention I pay to you, my clients.

Caking Around Bake Shop is a Cottage bakery that follows all Texas Cottage Food Laws and  believe in giving the best individual and customized experience possible. Being a 2 time award winning pastry chef and owner I see to it that every client remembers their experience and always returns. Having started baking at age 8 and gained a love for it ever since I have turned my passion into my life.  Also being the single mother of 2 children has given me the drive to continue to grow this business for the last 6 yrs and beyond.

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At Caking Around Bake Shop in Belton, I think you'll appreciate my variety

I offer a lot of personal and special products and services, which help make me different than the competition. I can't list them all – but here are a few of the super products and services we have: Individualized and custom designs, all done by a certified pastry chef, Superior Customer service, and Competitive pricing.

Let me show you that I'm here to help make any occassion just that much more special.

I really want you as a client. And we know that it's not easy to find Indivialized and custom designs, Superior Customer service, and Competitive pricing in Belton – but at Caking Around Bake Shop, you find that and more. If  you're wondering how to find Indivialized and custom designs then I r hope you contact me and give me that opportunity to show you.